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Lighting Systems Townsville

modern steel elevator lift lobby in business hotel with luxury design near corridor

Lighting Systems

When it comes to lighting systems, we install and service all types. From car park lighting to emergency lighting systems, parking lot lights to track lighting, and low voltage lighting to LED lighting systems, we can help you with your business or home needs.

Our technicians are all certified and highly trained, allowing us to work on all kinds of different lighting systems with ease. We always make sure we have all the parts we will need ahead of time so that we can get in and out as quickly as possible—we understand that when you need something done quickly, it is important to have the right people for the job.

LED lighting

For many people, the thought of upgrading to energy-efficient lighting seems like a daunting and expensive task. You’re likely familiar with the benefits of LED lighting, but have you considered how energy-efficient LED lightbulbs can help reduce your monthly bills? LEDs use up to 85% less energy than incandescents and last over 20 times longer. That’s a lot of unnecessary spending on electricity that could be going towards more important things, like your mortgage or groceries.

There are three main reasons why switching to LED lighting makes such good financial sense: savings on electricity costs, longer lifespan and environmentally friendly.

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modern steel elevator lift lobby in business hotel with luxury design near corridor
Recessed Ceiling Lights! Geometric Shapes!

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting systems are used to illuminate areas that require extra light during power outages. Emergency lighting systems require maintenance and testing on a regular basis to ensure they will be functional in the event of a power failure. In Queensland, emergency lighting is subject to regulations and must be maintained accordingly.

We can help install, maintain and test emergency lighting systems. We use the latest technology in our testing equipment to make sure your system is compliant and running efficiently before an emergency strikes.

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