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Smoke Alarms Townsville

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Smoke Alarms

Although the risk of a fire in your home is relatively low, the consequences of not having smoke alarms installed can be devastating. In Queensland alone, hundreds of homes are destroyed by fire every year. This number is higher than any other state in Australia. For such a small investment, smoke alarms are an essential safety precaution for your family.

We ensure our smoke alarms are regularly tested and maintained to ensure they work as intended. Smoke alarms don’t last forever, so we also install new units when necessary. It’s also important to change their batteries on a regular basis so that they will work when you need them most.

We offer free consultation and quotations for all our services. Contact us if you live in Townsville and would like us to inspect or replace your smoke alarm system in accordance with the current regulations.

Queensland Smoke Alarm Regulations

In Queensland, it is now law to have interconnected smoke alarms when selling or leasing a home. At TK Electrical & Air we pride ourselves on understanding these new regulations and giving you guidance on the best way to approach your property.

It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure smoke alarms are installed in all leased residential homes, newly sold homes, and workspaces throughout Queensland.

This includes private residences, rental properties and boarding houses. This also includes hotels, motels, hostels, hospitals, nursing homes and retirement villages.

Smoke alarms must meet Australian Standards. These standards specify that an alarm can only be installed after it has been tested and found to be working properly at both its powered and un-powered states. Tests must be conducted every 12 months, with evidence provided in the form of an annual test record maintained by the building owner or manager.

A smoke alarm should also contain a sealed lithium battery that is capable of functioning for at least 10 years before being replaced. The date of manufacture should be clearly marked on the packaging or unit so that it can be replaced when required. 

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Smoke Alarm FAQs

If you have older style alarms, or smoke alarms with removable batteries we suggest that you get your smoke alarms inspected by a professional to see if they are up to date and comply.

Smoke alarms are vital to give you and your family enough time to escape a fire. We would highly suggest you look at installing smoke alarms.

Yes, when selling your house it must be up to date with all current regulations before it is sold.

Yes, when you are leasing a home you must maintain and record all testing to ensure that everything is in good working order and compliant.

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