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Three ways you can keep your air con in its best condition.

Cleaning air conditioner indoors

Three ways you can keep your air con in its best condition.

In North Queensland most homes have an air conditioner in every room, it’s important to know how to look after them to reduce the risk of expensive outlay in replacing each unit. An Air Conditioner has a few components to it; filters, coils and fins. All of which require regular maintenance if you expect it to function effectively and efficiently.

3 ways you can keep your air conditioning units in the best condition

  1. Remove the filters from the aircon and clean them. The filters can be removed easily if you lift the lid of the aircon and just pull them out. Washing them with some antibacterial cleaner and leaving them to dry in the sun is suitable.
  2. Have the coils professionally cleaned every 6-12 months. At TK Power & Air we have a policy in place to ensure we only charge and clean the dirty aircons. On inspection and routine cleans if the team notices they don’t need cleaning, they won’t be cleaned or charged to you.
  3. Keep the outside unit generally clean. After you have mowed the lawn, have a look to see if there are any leaves or debris in the outdoor unit. Hose it over however, if you have any concerns send a photo to a technician so they can view if it needs further investigation.

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